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Sauna, a typeface for all sizes.

the read naked book
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The type specimen
This book is the first demonstration of Sauna. More than just a specimen, it is an in-depth investigation of the world of saunas. The typeface Sauna is presented in a context which is more broad than the world of typography, creating sensations of steamy pleasure not only in the minds of graphic designers, but deep inside those whose lives are not connected to ligatures and smallcaps.

The book was designed to withstand reading inside a sauna bath without any damage: it is resistant to hot water in its steaming, gaseous state at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius/248 degrees fahrenheit. Even better, some parts of the book can only be read inside a sauna at a minimum of 80 degrees Celsius/176 degrees fahrenheit! So get the book, go to a sauna, and get the "live" Underware experience while reading.

You can buy this book in specialized bookshops all over the world. You can also purchase this book online at Nijhof en Lee (Amsterdam).

title Read naked
preface Henrik Birkvig
size 184 x 205 mm
pages 48 + cd-rom
sauna proof book, hand bounded
extras cd-rom included
illustrations four colours + thermo inkt
lay-out Piet Schreuders & Underware
ISBN 90-76984-03-4
published May 2002 by Underware
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