18 february 2015 — presentations
Web typography sounds good

sounds good

Coming monday we will give a lecture at a seminar on the future of web typography. This seminar takes places at the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. In our lecture ‘Web typography sounds good, but looks awful’ we will highlight some often overlooked elements of web typography. The unsurpassable Frederik Berlaen will also give a presentation, and you can do a crypto typeface game with the madmen of Autobahn. If you are Dutch, concerned about type, screens, interfaces and ergonomics & want to flex up your brains, come over. Organised and presented by Grrr, what else should we say? Be there or be square.


Monday 23 Feb, 20:30 o’clock
Beeldmakers #1; with Frederik Berlaen, Underware, Autobahn, Jort de Vries (Blendle)


Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Nes 45, 1012 KD Amsterdam
Entrance at door €7,– / Online €5,–

07 april 2014 — presentations
Wo-Wo Polski Tour 2014

This spring we’re gonna travel towards the Polish borders for some lectures and workshops during our “Wo-Wo Polski?” roadtrip. But we will not enter Poland. We repeat: we will not enter Poland. We are only gonna wave to the Poles. Miło cię spotkać! Four cities in three countries in one month, let’s hope our van won’t let us down.


22–25 April: Vilnius (Lithuania)

What’s up?

In this 4-day long typeworkshop at the Vilnius Art Academy you’re gonna create a typographic toolbox for social media. Short letterings which represent your different moods, which can be used to communicate your status in social media. You can use these letterings for your most favorite social media application. Letterings can be animated as well, just keep them pure typographic, black & white, without illustrative elements. Digital outline drawing of typefaces will be introduced, as well as some foundations of type design and lettering.


Thursday 24 April: lecture by Underware at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Maironio str. 3, Vilnius. Be in room 312 not any later than 18:00 o’clock, as Sami will then start to unravel the invisible research behind designing typefaces.


23 April: Plzeň (Czech Republic)
Lecture at the University of West Bohemia, as part of the DE.SIGN 2014 project. Faculty or Art & Design, 16:00 o’clock, sharp.


The iceberg called type design

Type design is maybe the most subconsciously observed visual human creation. Most people will read a text without notifying the typeface itself, and that’s totally legitimate. Only a happy few will notice the typeface which is used. You can call them graphic designers with a job-related disability if they can tell the name of the font, including its designer. But even those happy few will mostly not be aware of the kind of research which is involved in making those typefaces. The pan-European type design studio Underware will reveal the research behind their typefaces, and demonstrate that type design is like an iceberg: 90% is hidden under the water. A design lecture told from the submarine. Be aware: it can be dark below sea level…

24-25 April: Prague (Czech Republic)
24 April: Thursday at 19:00, lecture “The iceberg called type design” (see above) at Instituto Cervantes, Na Rybníčku 536/6, Prague. Open for public, so drop by if you’re around.


25 April: Type workshop at Prague College, School of Art & Design. One day to explore the foundations of type design, and offer yourself a kickstart in a new territory.


24 May: Leipzig (Germany)
The folks from Leipziger Typotage invited us to talk about type. In the end, type is about language. In the beginning too. And somewhere in between that language needs to get a certain shape. Therefore we present a message from the language engine room. “Occidental is dead. Now what?” Ten speakers in one day, so Akiem and Bas will do their best to get to the point quickly.


Do zobaczenia później!


15 february 2014 — presentations
Typotherapy session

Show me your typeface, and I’ll tell you who you are. Don’t like who you are? I can help you with your change. This is in short the essence of a typotherapy session. To explain what typotherapy is, we need to go 2 steps back.


02 october 2013 — presentations
Underware goes Rio


For the first time in history, Underware will conduct a type workshop in Brazil. They will hit Rio de Janeiro on 22 & 23 Oct for a short, but über-intensive workshop.


During this 2-day workshop you can learn the basic principles of type design. Although you won’t even realize that, because you will be too busy with making your own typeface. By the end of the day you might realize that you didn’t check Facebook, because there are more interesting things in life. Typefaces for example. Or being part of this stream of typographic energy.


If you ever wondered how type works and how it is made, this is the moment you can figure that out.


The workshop takes 2 full days, and will end with a lecture in the evening on Dutch type design combined with a presentation of the workshop results.


Date: 22 & 23 Oct 2013, 09:30 – 18:00 o’clock

Costs: R$580 or 3xR$220

Location: Espaço Cultural Olho da Rua, Rua Bambina, 06 – Botafogo


Limited seating, so don’t wait too long with subscribing if you are interested in this workshop: subscribe or email typeworkshop.x26@gmail.com.



Let’s show the Brazilians why the Dutch are too much. Summarizing 5 centuries in less than two hours? Yeah, right. Because type from the Low Countries is as good as Dutch football: 90 minutes of gallery play.


Lecture by Underware on Dutch Type Design.


23 Oct 2013 at 8 pm.

Free entrance, registration necessary.



Templo Coworking

Rua Duque Estrada, 41

Gávea, Rio de Janeiro

19 april 2013 — presentations
Hinting is the new kerning

On May 03 the first edition of the Kerning conference will take place in Faenza, Italy. A two-day conference on typography; one day of workshops, another day packed with presentations. There are presentations by Luc[as] de Groot, Richard Rutter, Aral Balkan, Marko Dugonjic, Nina Stössinger, The Standardistas, Yves Peters, and our own Bas Jacobs. So join us for a nice day and meet some interesting new people. And talk type. And web. And software. And also talk hinting, as hinting is the new kerning.


There are still some tickets available, so last chance to combine type with nice weather.

11 february 2013 — presentations
Nijmegen wiggle-waggle

Coming Monday, 18 Feb, at Lux in Nijmegen (NL). #ietsmetletters. Presentations by Martin Majoor, Job Wouters & Gijs Frieling and Underware. Eclectic evening. Something about type. Or not. Well… let’s see. Anyhow, we’ll bring a mystery guest. Doors open 19:30.



04 september 2012 — presentations

Why is it that always the night before we give a presentation, we get new ideas for the presentation? This movie was made with the mirror in the hotel room the night before our presentation at the Type Directors Club in New York, June 2012. Actually, the lecture started and ended with Bas his dad, who has trouble making good letter shapes.

29 march 2012 — presentations
Tour Du Champagne

Our Tour Du Champagne is coming to a city near you soon. Coming months we’ll leave our caves for a couple of public appearances. Some workshops and lectures. Dates, locations and times might change, so keep an eye on this spot for the latest info.

01 April — Tokyo
The Type Directors Club of Tokyo will take it to the max this day with 6 hours of typographic lectures. Be prepared. Hosted by the Joshibi University of Art and Design, Suginami Campus. More info at the website of TDC Tokyo.

21 May — Hong Kong
On our way to Bangkok we will do a short stop at A122 Courtyard, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This event is made possible with the local support of Keith Tam.

21 May — Stockholm
The Swedish design magazine Cap&Design organizes a one-day journey in the contemporary typographic landscape. Let’s talk type for one loooong afternoon. Check Cap&Design Live for more details.

22 May — Göteborg
The Swedish design magazine Cap&Design organizes a one-day journey in the contemporary typographic landscape. Let’s talk type for one loooong afternoon. Check Cap&Design Live for more details.

26 May — Bangkok
Presentation ‘Everything that can happen in a day’ at BITSMM, 1:00 PM at Alliance Française de Bangkok. Because of the floods the event had to be cancelled at the last moment some months ago. But nothing is gonna stop us now.

02 June — West Michigan
A one day type workshop, followed by a lecture on Saturday evening. No love. No happy. Survive like Robinson Crusoe at the streets of Grand Rapids, just by using your typographic skills. While not being allowed to talk, you have to collect as much kisses or smiles as possible. Use your creative skills to collect your surface and writing tools for your text, and make the most appropriate lettering. Most kisses/smiles = win win win. More details at the website of the AIGA West Michigan.

05 June — New York
18:30 Lecture ‘Keep dreaming’ at the Type Directors Club of New York. Just imagine…


06 June — New York
Type workshop ‘Keep it straight’. If you think you’ve got enough energy to be part of this internet-free ants’ nest for one day, you’ll experience that type design can be a thrilling experience if everybody kicks the same ass. We’re gonna make 1 font, and that can be as electrifying as Sylvester Stallone in a B-movie. Especially when there are 20 captains on board and when the real KISS principle will be executed: Keep It Straight, Stupid.

08 June — New Orleans
One-day workshop ‘I give you my word for it’, exploring unknown typographic territories in cooperation with Nicholls State University, which is in Thibodaux, just outside of New Orleans. Subject: Altered meanings through typographic interference. Give an object or location a different function or meaning, by creating your lettering on it. The lettering needs to have an appropriate shape, which fits to the object/location and its new meaning. Leave your laptop at home, get ready for dirty hands. While you are making your brilliant new creation, the basics of type design will be discussed.


24 may 2011 — presentations
A magazine should be done like this

Today in our mailbox: Bracket, a magazine which stops where others continue. Printed questions with handwritten (-sketched, -drawn) answers. Bracket is an example that proves you don’t have to go all the (conventional) way to create an interesting mag. Easy does it.


Germain Chong also had a brush with Bas.
(published in Bracket Vol. 02: Hunger)


1) Tell us about yourself and what you do.
We design type.


2) Describe a typical day in the studio.
Sit on our ass in front of a screen and work our butts off.


3) When you were growing up, what did you want to be?
Comic artist.


4) What was the catalyst for starting Underware?
Due to a lack of education we had too much spare time during our studies and started to create our own projects, which eventually became our daily practice.


5) What is the biggest sacrifice you have ever made?
If you always try to make the best out of every situation, nothing feels as a sacrifice.


6) What is the biggest/most common misconception about what you do?
We had to explain civil servants too often already that we don’t sell lingerie.


7) What is the lowest point of your career?
Too many embarrassing mistakes to mention, we’re still sorry for all of them.


8) What is the best advise you have ever been given?
Never trust anyone who tells that ‘it should be done like this’, there are always multiple solutions for every problem.


9) and the worst?
It should be done like that.


10) Looking back now, what advice would you give to someone like yourself?
Alles geben. 
Never give up.


11) Being a designer is tough. What keeps you going?
Scoring with soccer. I remember all my beautiful goals, even those from 25 years ago.


12) What is your biggest fear?
An obscure animal comes out of the drain, and bites off my dick when I’m sitting on a toilet.


13) Who/What do you have a bone to pick with?
God, but he is hard to reach.


14) If you were not a designer, what would you have done?
Euhm… God? Finally humanity would have a humane, self-contemplated, communicative God.


15) What would your last meal be?
All drugs I never took, just to get the experience before I die.


Thank you for your time,




12 may 2011 — presentations

On Sunday 19 June, Akiem will be one of the speakers at the second symposium of TypeTalks, in Poland. Tickets are available at their website, but if you unfortunately can’t make: just carry on.

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