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Do it yourself, a traditional bronze 3D-dingbat!

Step 01: Take some time to construct a plaster model. When that's done, make a wooden box and place your model inside. Pour some hot vinamold-rubber into it and wait a little while.

Step 02: Split the rubber into two equal parts and take the plaster model out. Now place the hollow rubber model back to the wooden box.

Step 03: Melt enough of cheese skin (red!) and pour it into vinamold. You now have a new model which you have to cover with plaster and sand - but first stick plastic straws into the model, and build one main casting channel out of a yoghurt can. Finally, take bronze, heat it in an oven to the melting point. Pouring it into a casting channel will make the cheese skin model vanish. Wait until your bronze is cold again.

Step 04: Break the plaster and sand coating; there's your bronze dingbat! Cut the metal sticks (former plastic straws) and finish the dingbat with the rasp.

Step 05: Repeat the steps 03-04 to multiply your dingbat. Dipping the bronze dingbat into various chemicals will result in many different colour coatings.

Step 06: Decorate your house, take pictures and make your friends happy. These dingbats were cast by Ulrika Ylioja and the plaster model was done by Sami Kortemäki.