The 3rd issue of 8 Faces magazine contains 2000 handmade »Je t’aime« flyers.

And all are different!*
But only one is perfect

Why just one? Because there is only one way Liza* would write it herself (the version shown above). Do you have a flyer which is 100% identical to the lettering above? (please double-check every letter, then click here to do it again) Congratulations. Liza will send you a free bottle of champagne. Just mail us your flyer and your contact details.

* Liza is an OpenType font by Underware, with lots of variations for every letter. Because there are millions of possible combinations, Liza always automatically picks the best combination. But if you don't like the result, you can of course always create your own combination (like we did with the flyers).

Ah qui, c’est le originel. C’est Liza. (back to all the flyers)