1.600.000 speakers
20 language specific characters
ISO 639 code: pms
Piedmontese is a Romance language spoken by about 1,6 million people throughout the Piemonte (Piemont) region of northwest Italy, except in the province of Novara and in the Provençal and Franco Provençal valleys. It is also spoken in Australia, Chile and Argentina, where about 30% of people are of a North Italian origin.
Piedmontese has never been an official language but in the last ten years it has been recognized as a separate language by the European Union, the Piemonte region and some linguists. It is not currently taught in schools but some people are trying to have it introduced into primary schools. Piedmontese is spoken mainly by older people and is not popular with the young, particularly in the cities and towns. As a result, it is in danger of becoming extinct within a couple of generations.
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Definitely endangered
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Fa nen al cucu si t’è an rossignol.Fa nen al rossignol u’l passarin si t’è’n can. Tuti sun brav à canté. Nui autri suma di Underware.

translation kindly provided by Matteo Balocco