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Q: I am not a professional designer, but I play in a rockband. Can I participate?
A: Yes of course. The competition is open for designers & rockers.
Q: I am listening R&B, but I like your fonts and would like to win some. Can I take part?
A: Hmmm... OK... you can participate. But to be honest, with such a background you don't have a snowball's chance in hell.
Q: Why does the music suck and doesn't it fit to Fakir at all?
A: Keep on singing Ein bißchen Frieden with your mother, perhaps she can help you choosing the right colors.
Q: Why do you always come up with such funny ideas to promote your typefaces?
A: Hmmm, you do not need to use Fakir, you can also make your own type. So take the chance, be a Finger Zinger, get your hot licks on this and be the real typerator.
Q: I can not choose, and therfore would like to send a couple of designs. Is this possible?
A: Sorry, no. Every person is only allowed to send one design.
Q: We are a studio with 285 designers, and all of us would like to participate. Is this possible?
A: No. One studio: one design. So go fight, and show your colleagues how to rock.
s Q: Is this real, or is it all fake?
A: All is real.
Q: I think this whole competition sucks, but I like the Fakir-Rock font. Can I use this font for commercial stuff?
A: As long as it's rock it rocks. For any other use outside this competition, please get in contact with us or read the EULA (included in the download package).
Q: Where can I download the rest of the Fakir fonts?
A: Fakir is not a free font. Real rockers can purchase the whole set here.
Q: I think it would be cool doing my internship at Orange Sunshine. Is this possible?
A: Did you read the basic info? Orange Sunshine is not a design studio, but a rock legend.
Q: Why is the stuff you are doing always so masculine?
A: Be feminine, and strike the jury with your charm.
Q: Is the drummer of Orange Sunshine working for Underware? I saw him in your books?
A: Ah, you mean the Dolly book. No, he is not working for us. He has his recording studio underneath the Underware studio.
Q: Ah shit! Now that I see all the other cool designs, I would like to change mine. Possible?
A: You can upgrade your contribution until the 15th of May. Just send us your new version & we will update the old version. And don't worry, you are not the first one doing this.