Typography for Suunto's Cobra2, Vyper2 and Elementum

Underware teamed up with Suunto to develop the screen typography and information graphics for Suunto's Cobra2, Vyper2 and Elementum sport computers. These computers feature a single colour matrix display that handles pixel and segment graphics.

Good legibility and clear infographics become crucial under dim light conditions at deep waters, or while sailing through the night. Essential information is shown by large segment numbers at the top part of the screen. These new segment numbers exceed the ordinary geometric grid - each segment is carefully planned to support the anatomy of numbers. A slightly round overall shape is more eye-filling than the industry standard angled shapes, and gives all their watches an own identity.

In Cobra2 and Vyper2 functions and features like electronic compass, log book, dive profiles, dive simulator, depth display and 3 operating modes needed a clear typographic structure, many pixel fonts and matching icon designs.

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