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The language Occidental, later Interlingue, is an international auxiliary language developed by Edgar von Wahl, who published details of the language in his magazine Kosmoglott in Reval (which is now Tallinn, in Estonia) in 1922. In 1929, von Wahl's magazine was renamed Cosmoglotta and was published entirely in his language.
The language was originally called Occidental, as its vocabulary was based wholly on the major Western (Occidental) languages. Edgar von Wahl sought to utilise the international vocabulary that already existed as much as possible, but without the irregularities of the existing languages. This, he hoped, would make the language very easy to learn.
After the Second World War, the language was renamed Interlingue as the name Occidental was not popular in the communist countries of Eastern Europe, where some suspected that users of the language might have counter-revolutionary tendencies.
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Ne esse un cucú, si tu es un luscinia.Ne esse un luscinia o un muscicapa, si tu es un cane. Ma quicunc posse far son. Noi es Underware.

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