Cape Verdean Creole
920.000 speakers
30 language specific characters
ISO 639 code: kea
Cape Verdean Creole is a creole based on Portuguese and African languages which is spoken by about 920,000 people mainly in Cape Verde. It is the first language of most Cape Verdeans, and is spoken by their descendents in quite a number of other countries such as Angola, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Portugal and Senegal.
Cape Verdean Creole is known as Creole or Kriol by its speakers. Different dialects are spoken on the different Cape Verde islands, but they are all considered one language by the Cape Verdean authorities.
The official spelling system for Cape Verdean Creole known as ALUPEC (Alfabeto Unificado para a Escrita do Caboverdiano - Unified Alphabet for Cape Verdean Writing). Not everyone uses this system, however.
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