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ISO 639 code: abe
Abenaki is an Eastern Algonquian language with likely no native speakers. Currently there are just a couple of fluent speakers, and perhaps several hundred non-fluent speakers. Most Abenaki speakers are elderly and live on the Odanak reservation in Quebec, Canada. It was originally spoken in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Efforts are being made to revive the language.
There are two main groups of Abenaki dialects: Western Abenaki, which is still spoken in Quebec; and Eastern Abenaki, which was spoken until quite recently by some of the Penobscot tribe in eastern Maine.
There is only 1 accented character used in Abenaki. Ô or 8 is the French long O nasal sound. Usually the use of the Ô shows that the Abenaki speaker is French, while the 8 may indicate an English speaking person.
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sample text

Ôda ai Amenoki sips chaga kia wlôgowihas.Ôda ai wlôgowihas ala maskejamôgwses mohawôgan sips, chaga kia almos. Kanwa tônitta awani kizi walito kwazik. Nd'aibena Underware.

translation kindly provided by Joseph Elie Joubert