400.000 speakers
20 language specific characters
ISO 639 code: sag
Sango or Sangho is spoken mainly in the Central African Republic (Ködörö tî Bêafrîka). There are also speakers of Sango in Chad and Congo-Kinshassa. There are about 400,000 native speakers and maybe 5 million second language speakers. Some sources describe Sango as a Ngbandi-based Croele with French influences, while others say that it is made up mainly of Sango grammar and vocabulary, with many French loanwords, which are rarely used.
Sango is used as a lingua franca throughout the Central African Republic, it is the language of instruction in some schools, and there are regular radio and TV broadcasts in Sango.
The current Sango orthography was introduced by the the government of the Central African Republic on 28 January 1984.
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