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Scribo Ornaments
Scribo comes in 5 different versions, each version is made with a different tool. It’s good to know that every version comes with an Ornament font, which is handy for that extra bit of human touch.

Scribo Dingbats
First of all the ornament fonts contain lots of dingbats, from hearts to stars, from anarchist signs and flowers to emojis. And of course the manicule is not to be missed. All these dingbats are useful in case you want to communicate as human as possible, because who said that humans only write letters?

Scribo Arrows
The ornament fonts also contain a whole set of arrows, which are definitely useful with a font like Scribo. Handwriting fonts are often used as secondary, supplementary typographic styles. A large sans serif puts out the message, and a handwritten font points out a certain detail. Those details need to be pointed to. And pointing to, well, that requires arrows. Luckily Scribo has various arrows in all lengths, curves and directions.

Scribo Lines
You can also find various lines in the ornament fonts. Short lines, long lines, straight lines, curved lines. They can be used to underline words, for extra attention, or strikethrough words. Apply generously.

A complete overview of all Scribo ornaments, including the keyboard overview, can be found in the PDF documentation.