How do I pay?
Do I need a PayPal account to buy fonts?
Rats, I don’t have a credit card
Can I transfer my money also by bank?
Can I download the fonts directly?
Yep. Once your payment has been completed, you’ll receive a download link by email within a couple of minutes. Then you can download your fonts here.

Usually the email with the download link arrives within a couple of minutes in your inbox. However, sometimes this might take up to 20-30 minutes (worst-case scenario), so don’t panic after two minutes of waiting. Play some music, make coffee, relax, fonts are on their way.
I just bought fonts but didn’t receive a download link
Can I buy webfonts in your shop?
Can I buy fonts for mobile apps in your shop?
Can I use any PayPal account?
Do I have to pay VAT?
Where is my invoice and license agreement?
Can I return my fonts?