How do I pay?
Do I need a PayPal account to buy fonts?
Rats, I don’t have a credit card
No worries. At PayPal you can also just use your bank account instead of a credit card. Another option is offered in our shop: you can just order your fonts through this form and transfer the money by bank, the old-fashioned way. Note that these orders are processed manually at Underware and require more time than a direct download. You'll then receive the fonts once we received the money, but this usually takes some days. Find the oldskool order form at the bottom of our shop:
Can I transfer my money also by bank?
Can I download the fonts directly?
I just bought fonts but didn’t receive a download link
Can I buy webfonts in your shop?
Can I buy fonts for mobile apps in your shop?
Can I use any PayPal account?
Do I have to pay VAT?
Where is my invoice and license agreement?
Can I return my fonts?