14.02.2014 The very first Typo Therapy Session during FatFriday at Grrr, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
21.01.2014 Presentation at BNO Utrecht, the Netherlands. read/see more

23.10.2013 Ninety minutes of gallery play. Lecture on Dutch type design, at Templo, Rio de Janeiro. read more
22.10.2013 — 23.10.2013 Two-day workshop during the Rio Design Week in Rio de Janeiro. read more
22.10.2013 A fireside evening about Bello and the Airbnb logotype with the Airbnb community of Rio de Janeiro.
24.06.2013 Sauna Mono Pro released. One size for all! read/see more
14.05.2013 Font upgrade of our complete library. read/see more
03.05.2013 Presentation ‘Kerning is the new hinting’ at Kerning Conference, Faenza, Italy. watch video
22.04.2013 — 24.04.2013 Workshop ‘26-x’ with students from Sint-Lucas, Gent, Belgium. read/see more | PDF
18.02.2013 Presentation at Nijmeegs Ontwerp Platform. (and other presentations by Job Wouters, Gijs Frieling and Martin Majoor)

24.11.2012 Opening of the travelling exhibition Graphic Happiness in China at the Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, China. read/see more
27.10.2012 In confidence. A new typeradio series of 1 on 1 investigations will be launched at the Madfest in Deventer.
08.06.2012 One-day workshop at Nicholls State University, New Orleans, USA.
06.06.2012 One-day workshop ‘Keep it straight’ at the Type Directors Club of New York, USA.
05.06.2012 Lecture ‘Keep dreaming’ at the Type Directors Club of New York, USA.
05.06.2012 The custom typeface Mr Porter awarded with the TDC's Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design at the TDC2 2012 awards.
02.06.2012 Our Tour Du Champagne goes to the US. One-day workshop, followed by a presentation at AIGA West Michigan.
26.05.2012 Presentation 'Everything that can happen in a day' at BITSMM, Alliance Française de Bangkok.
22.05.2012 More champagne during our presentation at the Cap&Design Live event in Göteborg, Sweden.
21.05.2012 More champagne during our presentation at the Cap&Design Live event in Stockholm, Sweden.
18.05.2012 Our Tour Du Champagne continues with a presentation in Hongkong. More details to be announced.
01.04.2012 Presentation at TDC Tokyo, because the custom typeface Mr Porter won the Tokyo TDC Annual Award 2012.
19.03.2012 — 21.03.2012 Workshop ‘What a wonderful world’ at Ulster Festival, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
19.01.2012 presentation at #printhacking event, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

28.10.2011 presentation at 2nd Bangkok International Typography Symposium.
02.09.2011 Typeradio presents the Now we are talking Festival at the beach of Scheveningen, Den Haag, the Netherlands.
19.06.2011 presentation 'Carry-on' at TypeTalks, Poznań, Poland.
09.03.2011 presentation 'Suffering is learning' at CPH:Typo*11, Copenhagen, Denmark.
28.02.2011 launched new website.
22.02.2011 intelligent handwriting custom typeface for Mr Porter. read/see more
04.01.2011 presentation at HKU Utrecht, faculty Art, Media & Technology, Hilversum, the Netherlands.

19.11.2010 presentation 'Beyond the words' at the one-day conference Conceptual Type — Type led by ideas, Copenhagen, Denmark. read/see more
19.11.2010 the 'Bello-Eats-Liza-Fakir-Auto-Sauna-Tornado' presentation, University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland. read/see more
18.11.2010 presentation BNO Tallks 6, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. read/see more
18.11.2010 presentation at Next(con)text in Aalto University, Helsinki. read/see more
13.11.2010 Make the Ego Bigger II; workshop & lecture at Grafia, Helsinki, Finland
21.10.2010 participation at the Belvedere, Visual Magazine + Art Book Festival, Rome, Italy.
30.09.2010 1 day seminar at ADC*Estonia, Tallin.
09.09.2010 presentation ‘Let's suffer together’ at ATypI 2010 in Dublin. read/see more
18.07.2010 Underware published Book of war, mortification and love by Ruud Linssen. Printed with the author's blood.
19.06.2010 presentation at the ICTVC in Cyprus.
17.06.2010 opening of the Travelling Letters exhibition at the Lahti Art Museum, Lahti, Finland.
31.05.2010 Workshop Super speed date in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. read/see more
20.05.2010 — 22.05.2010 Dark-talk Berlin, Germany. With Alessio Leonardi, Erik Spiekermann & Vincent van Baar.
18.05.2010 Dark-talk Shanghai at the Dutch Cultural Center, Shanghai, China with Yong.
18.05.2010 Workshop Chatography in Shanghai, China. read/see more
17.05.2010 presentation at Raffles, Shanghai, China.
08.05.2010 participation at the poster project of the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2010.
16.04.2010 presentation 'Why D-I-Y if you can D-I-T?' at the OK Festival, Arnhem, the Netherlands. view flyer
15.04.2010 opening of the Muotoilijat '10 exhibition at the Finnish Norwegian Culture Institute in Oslo, Norway. read/see more
03.03.2010 presentation "Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt" at the Adobe User Group Meeting in Amsterdam. read more / video
11.02.2010 Why do you say 'yes' if you mean 'no'? The shilly-shally Oscillator poster published.
10.02.2010 The Oscars of Type by Ellen Lupton, nominates Liza Pro as Best Actress of the Year 2009. read/see more
25.01.2010 Workshop 'Ready Steady Go' in Brussels, Belgium.
15.01.2010 — 21.02.2010 Muotoilijat '10 - Finnish Designer Awards exhibition in Helsinki, presenting our beauty queens. read/see more
06.01.2010 Liza Pro credited as Brush Script of the Year 2009 by MyFonts. read/see more

03.11.2009 Underware published Iiris Vispilä, a photo comic book by Ulrika Ylioja and Sami Kortemäki.
22.10.2009 presentation at ESAD in Amiens, France.
21.10.2009 Workshop 'The stroke - 3D' in Amiens, France.
09.10.2009 Workshop 'What You See Is Not What You Get' in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
05.10.2009 — 18.10.2009 Underware exhibited in Lithuania. Travelling Letters, gallery 'Academija', Pilies str. 44, Vilnius, Lithuania.
08.09.2009 We have our own beauty queen: Sami Kortemäki announced as Finland's Graphic Designer of the Year 2010. read/see more
09.07.2009 presentation 'Lettres d'amour' at Jornadas, Barcelona, Spain.
01.07.2009 Liza Pro released. Lettres d'amour. Erotique maximale. A new type family. Finally available.
18.05.2009 400th episode published on Typeradio. Listen now.
01.01.2009 Underware designs the new MyFonts logotype.

07.12.2008 & 14.12.2008 Dark-talk Den Haag, the Netherlands. With Max Bruinsma & Thomas Casrto.
01.11.2008 New publication: Dolly’s party
08.10.2008 The Fakir 7 inch was released at the Morlock gallery, Den Haag. read/see more
08.10.2008 Typeradio was nominated for the Dutch Design prize.
07.10.2008 Workshop Go with the flow #3 in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
30.09.2008 Workshop Go with the flow #2 in Trondheim, Norway. read/see more
28.09.2008 Workshop Go with the flow #1 in Bergen, Norway. read/see more
27.09.2008 presentation at Grafill, Bergen, Norway.
26.09.2008 presentation 'Dolly wants to party' at Typographical Friday, Stockholm, Sweden. read/see more
03.09.2006 presentation at UIAH, Helsinki, Finland.
30.06.2008 Workshop Darkmark in Los Angeles, USA. read/see more
14.06.2008 presentation 'Hardcore versus Proto' at the 23rd Forum Typographie. read/see more
13.06.2008 Metropolis poster published.
14.04.2008 Workshop Speed date wedding in Bratislava, Slovakia. First experiment in visual speed dating. read/see more
01.04.2008 Rock with Fakir introduced to the public.
13.03.2008 Workshop Dog versus god in Pforzheim, Germany. read/see more

31.10.2007 Underware designs the new Daimler AG logo, for Schindler Parent Identity
22.10.2007 Workshop Zigzag Zombie during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. read/see more
14.10.2007 300th episode published on Typeradio. Listen now.
13.10.2007 Presentation at the HKB - Hochschule der Künste Bern, Switzerland.
12.10.2007 Workshop Elementarteilchen at the HKB - Hochschule der Künste Bern Switzerland. read/see more
26.09.2007 Typeradio at AGI year meeting unknown land.
22.06.2007 Opening Scala, Bembo, Times und Dolly (about the beauty of type specimens) at the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek.
21.06.2007 Presentation at the 3rd international conference on typography and visual communication in Thessaloniki, Greece.
08.06.2007 Workshop Private type at the 9th. Tage der Typografie, Germany. read/see more
30.05.2007 Underware's Custom Type Department opens its doors.
29.05.2007 The associative ping pong session. Presentation in cooperation with Baselab at Ligaduras, Barcelona, Spain.
16.05.2007 Typeradio Sweet 16 - a 16 hours non stop radio show from Berlin, Germany.
11.05.2007 Presentation at Visuelt, a conference organized by Grafill in Oslo, Norway.
07.05.2007 Presentation at the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg. read/see more
21.03.2007 Typeradio at Imagine iT, Accademia di Belle Arte in Bologna, Italy.
14.03.2007 Presentation at MG School, in Helsinki, Finland.
02.03.2007 Presentation at Typografie ontleed(t), a mini type event organized by the BNO in Leiden , NL. read/see more
05.02.2007 Fakir received the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at the TDC2 2007 awards.
27.01.2007 Typeradio at Default #1, Vienna, Austria.

19.12 2006 New search engine of Typeradio released, revealing hours of audio content.
16.11.2006 Typeradio at Crossing Border, Den Haag, the Netherlands.
05.10.2006 Presentation at Raw Type, New York, USA.
04.10.2006 Presentation at BTK FH, Berlin, Germany.
27.09.2005 Typeradio at ATypI 2006, Lisbon, Portugal, Helsinki.
29.05.2006 Presentation at the Eindhovense School, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
19.05.2006 Fakir, a blackletter with a holy kiss was released. read/see more
19.05.2006 Is Not take-away #1 released, in cooperation with Is Not magazine.
19.05.2006 Presentation at Typo Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
25.04.2006 Presentation at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Antwerp, Belgium.
03.04.2006 Workshop 'Silent Judo battle, part 2' at the Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Porto, Portugal. read/see more
03.04.2006 Exhibition 'A ilusão dos Underware' and lecture at the Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Porto, Portugal.
27.03.2006 Workshop 'Silent Judo battle, part 1' at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg, Austria. read/see more
19.01.2006 Typeradio - The Show at TypoForum 33pt, Dortmund, Germany.

02.12.2005 Workshop 'Good times' at the Beyond media festival 05, Florence, Italie. read/see more
29.11.2005 Typeradio just published the 200th episode. hear more
08.11.2005 Workshop 'Lost and found' at the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, Russia. read/see more
24.09.2005 Presentation at Backstage #1, organised by Museum De Beyerd, Breda, the Netherlands.
15.09.2005 Typeradio on air, 4 days live from Helsinki. hear more
02.09.2005 - 14.10.2005 exhibition in the Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam.
21.07.2005 - 23.07.2005 participation in the exhibition CMYK in Barcelona.
20.07.2005 Typeradio on air, 4 days live from New York. hear more
15.07.2005 till 31.07.2005 participation in the exhibtion Alphabet in Baltimore. read more
14.05.2005 A typo-day event at the school of Finnish graphic designers' association, Helsinki, Finland.
12.05.2005 Presentation at the annual SNDS conference, Helsinki, Finland.
28.04.2005 One day workshop 'Moveable type' at the Facelifters, Genk, Belgium. read/see more
18.03.2005 Workshop 'Two for all' at the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, USA. read/see more
28.02.2005 Workshop 'Automotive' at the Hogeschool Sint Lukas, Brussels, Belgium. read/see more
24.02.2005 Presentation at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem, Netherlands.
21.02.2005 Auto and Bello received the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at the TDC2 2005 awards.
24.01.2005 Workshop 'Manual pixelsm' at the Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne, Lausanne, CH. read/see more and more
14.01.2005 Workshop 'Second ICH' at the Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, Germany. read/see more

15.12.2004 Bello, trust the brush. A script typeface with automatic ligatures was released. read/see more
06.10.2004 Presentation at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, Netherlands.
15.09.2004 Workshop 'from A to B' at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands. read/see more
14.09.2004 Auto, a triple-italic sans serif was released. A family of 3 x 24 fonts. read/see more
23.07.2004 Presentation at Typecon 2004, San Francisco, USA.
12.07.2004 Workshop 'Shut up and listen', San Francisco, USA. read/see more
09.07.2004 Presentation at Typo Tage, Leipzig, Germany.
12.06.2004 One day workshop 'Let it run', during Forum Typographie, Hannover, Germany. read/see more
11.06.2004 Presentation at Forum Typographie, Hannover, Germany.
10.06.2004 Presentation at Clubcraft, Hannover, Germany.
19.05.2004 Presentation at Typogravieh lebt - die MiniTYPO, Weimar, Germany.
13.05.2004 Presentation at Typo Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
13.05.2004 Launch of Typeradio.
11.05.2004 Presentation at Forum Laus, Barcelona, Spain.
28.03.2004 Type to the people. One evening of type, in Quarantine Amsterdam.
15.04.2004 Workshop Type & talk, Vienna, Austria. read/see more
23.03.2004 Presentation at the Sint Lukas academy of arts, Brussels, Belgium.
07.02.2004 Sami was a jury member for Vuoden Huiput 2003 competition in Finland.
20.01.2004 Presentation at EVTEK Institute of Art and Design, Vantaa, Finland.

08.12.2003 Shining type workshop in Rovaniemi, Finland. read/see more
07.11.2003 Presentation at the School of Art, Design & Printing in Dublin, Ireland.
06.11.2003 Presentation on the TypoDay in Dublin, an evening by the Designers Guild Ireland.
26.09.2003 5 Pts., a new issue of Pts. magazine, is released, during the ATypI conference in Vancouver. read/see more
18.09.2003 Presentation at DesignFest, Brussels, Belgium.
20.07.2003 IndieFonts2, a compendium of digital type from independent type foundries, is published.
16.07.2003 Unibody, a font family for Flash has been released and can be downloaded for free. read/see more
19.05.2003 Type workshop in Tampere, Finland, started. read/see more
08.05.2003 Shop01 during DesignMai in Berlin, Germany, in collaboration with Redesigndeutschland.
07.04.2003 The stencil type workshop in Detroit started. read/see more
19.03.2003 launched.
08.02.2003 CorelCup02, the official Dutch soccer tournament for designers. read/see more
07.02.2003 The results of the Finland workshop: 4 Pts. published. read/see more

10.05.2002 The Secret Sauna Party in Berlin, Germany. read/see more
15.09.2001 The legendary Dolly party in Den Haag. read/see more