03 may 2023 — out now
New font: Scribo

We’re delighted to introduce Scribo. What started as a desire to really capture writing, ended up as a set of dynamic & static fonts that forced us to push our own boundaries. The dynamic fonts (Scribo Write) allow texts to be really written, as all the writing dynamics (stroke order, speed variations, etc.) are included in the digital font file! The static fonts (Scribo Pro) offer a wide range of handwriting styles, created with 5 different tools, making it the most intelligent handwriting fonts we can imagine.


Scribo Write: capturing writing in time (dynamic)

We’re in a technological age that offers far more possibilities than 20 years ago. Yet most of our software, as well as our habits of working with computers, are based on existing conventions and don’t take advantage of these new possibilities. So it’s time to rethink our existing practices, also as type designers. It is already possible to include time as a dimension in a digital font file. But what does that mean? In this case, it means that we can finally capture the action of writing in a font file.

This means that not only every facet that is part of writing, such as ductus and airtime, is built in, but much more than that. For example, ink bleed can be neatly controlled, and the visual impact of writing extended as a result. The dynamic font Scribo Write brings together the two worlds of analogue handwriting and technolgical digital typography, opening up new, previously unknown possibilities.

Scribo Write



Scribo Pro: intelligent, imperfect, individual (static)

And for designers who think, “Nice, but I don’t need all this dynamic stuff, give me normal fonts”, we would like to say that Scribo is just the most intelligent handwriting font we can imagine, even the traditional, static versions. We’re happy to introduce 15 static fonts, made with 5 different writing tools (marker, pencil and 3 different brushes). As usual, the introduction of this new font is accompanied by an extensive PDF that will be a pleasure for your eye, and lots of additional images and information on our website. Of course, you don’t have to read all these texts – you can start writing your own texts right away.

Scribo Pro


Introduction offer: Buy Scribo, get a license for a pen friend for free

Because writing together is so much more fun than writing alone, we have a special introductory offer for Scribo. Order Scribo before 01 July 2023, and receive a free license for a pen friend. Double the fun, and maybe you’ll have a new pen pal right away?

Buy Scribo