07 may 2021 — walhalla
Stad zoekt kunst

It started with a spontaneous action 3 weeks ago, a manifestation at the Museumplein in Amsterdam to break the absence of art in lockdown times. We helped out the organisation by casually writing personal ads on location, allowing participants to walk around with their own message in XXL size. One writing tool, one colour, no planning, no time to waste, 100% action, pure speed.


Currently 24 different, very large posters are on display in the streets of Amsterdam. Personal ads, text only, black and white only, handwritten in real size. Last week we wrote 24 different A0-posters by hand in one afternoon. An insufficient 10 minutes per poster… All posters are one-shots, no correction, all imperfect, super casual, pure speed, and they are now quickly reproduced as posters. This must be our fastest action ever. Read the manifesto at stadzoektkunst.nl