13 june 2023 — walhalla
Personalising devices


Using a device while not using it is an interesting concept. “Using” is an elastic concept. When do you not use something, or no longer use it? A clock hanging on the wall is used. But a utensil that has much more potential than just displaying the time, that is hung on the wall to display only the time, is it used?

That hardware manufacturers are now, like Apple, deliberately adding a new mode to their devices when they are semi-used is a fascinating step. Apple recently introduced StandBy Mode for iOS17, a full-screen mode while charging your iPhone or iPad. Probably of all the new features in that StandBy Mode, the clock is the most interesting and useful, as that feature is the closest thing to non-use. A clock is only to look at casually, not to interact with.


But as is often the case with technology companies, the options for personalising these features are extremely limited. Usually, only a few native templates are available for a new feature or app. This naturally creates a certain relationship between human and device that is not always desirable. Why can you create a screensaver with personal photos, but not with your own font? Wouldn’t it be much better if a device were much more customisable, so that everyone feels they have their own device? The recently introduced clock in StandBy Mode is technically very easy to customise. Everyone should be able to use their own clockface. And yes, dynamic fonts obviously come in handy for that. To show that the possibilities are almost endless, here are some examples of personalised clockfaces that are very easy to implement because they are built entirely with variable fonts.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, as we are just as keen as you to provide devices with better and more exciting designs.