05 january 2022 — out now
New font: Plakato Color

Digital fonts offer more and more possibilities compared to 30 years ago. A font can support multiple scripts, can provide typographic finesse through smart OpenType features, can be dynamic, and can also contain color.

While most fonts are colourless, or rather have only one colour that can be changed by the user, there are plenty of examples of fonts that do contain multiple colours. Emojis are the best known and most widespread examples.

Recently, a new standard has been published (COLRv1) that makes advanced colour fonts possible, with gradients and transparency. Today we release a set of fonts that take advantage of the new possibilities this font format offers.

New fonts: Plakato Color & Plakato Color Grade
1: Plakato Color

Plakato Color is a set of 24 predefined color fonts that take advantage of the benefits of this new font format, and are available to designers in a wide variety of out-of-the-box versions. (see 10 examples below)

2: Plakato Color Grade


Plakato Color Grade lets you define your own colors and styles, exactly in the way you want. (try yourself)

Check out Plakato Color
Note: as always with new technological developments, initial support is limited, and it often takes some time before a new technique works in the most common applications. As of this writing COLRv1 fonts are only supported in Chrome (98+).