21 july 2006 — offtrack
Love language

Love language by Sasson Kung

Sasson Kung graduated in 2006 at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. His final work Love Language is dealing with the problem: how can people with different languages (writing systems) communicate (and fall in love) with each other online. He has chosen for Chinese and Latin as basic languages. On the search for the perfect love-communication-tool he developed his own writing system which is combining both writing systems.

By choosing love as subject he narrowed the amount of words which you actually need to communicate (chat) with each other. His final work consists out of an online chat tool, and a keyboard mask. Each key is not representing a letter but a whole word. The whole word is displayed on the keyboard mask, so you know what you are typing. He merged the two languages in a kind of hermaphrodite sign-system. Half chinese half latin. Readable by both readers.

Here are some films:
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