07 october 2009 — walhalla
Liza loves snow leopard

Liza loves Snow Leopard
Months after her release Liza Pro finally works in TextEdit

We had a similar situation with Bello Pro. At the moment the typeface was released in 2004, the fancy OpenType features worked nicely in applications like InDesign and QuarkXPress, but not in applications which rely on the operating system, like TextEdit. Luckily half a year after we released the typeface, an updated version of OSX (10.4 / Tiger) finally supported the most important features in Bello Pro (for programs like TextEdit).

5 years later history repeats itself. At the moment of its release, our über-intelligent Liza behaved nicely in applications with a sophisticated OpenType support (Adobe CS, QuarkXPress, etc), but not in TextEdit. Let’s say that Liza’s IQ was too high for the operating system.

Meanwhile Apple released a new version of OSX (10.6 / Snow Leopard), which contains an update of the Core Text engine. This has an improved OpenType support, especially for contextual alternates. Not 100% yet, but at least Liza’s superlooper, t-topper and her pretty bold ‘out-of-ink’-feature finally work in TextEdit. Now: let’s all start designing using TextEdit!