23 november 2009 — walhalla
Bello goes freestyle 2

From: Bas Jacobs
Date: November 23, 2009 15:11:16
To: Akiem Helmling, Sami Kortemäki
Subject: Bello goes freestyle II

He, for sure you remember ‘Bello goes freestyle I‘ right? Well, yesterday I spotted part II, while passing a social workshop for adolescents in Zutphen, named Het Dagelijks Bestaan. The handmade lettering on their roof caught my attention. I took a picture. Man on a ladder looked at me. Our conversation went somehow like this:

Man: He you, what are you taking a picture of?
Me: The letters on the roof. Do you know who made them?
Man: I did. Why?
Me: Do you know which typeface this is?
Man: Euhm… yes. Oh no, not right now. Do you?
Me: Yes, it’s called Bello.
Man: Ah yes, that’s it. Do you know who made it?
Me: I did.

Silence. Man left behind puzzled.