21 september 2010 — fonts in use
Dear Tanja

Dear Tanja,

thanks a lot for the nice package which came by mail recently. What a nice surprise! We didn’t expect anything, and definitely not something like this at all. Three big letter-pillows: B, A and S. Very nicely made with Bello Caps. Wow. We’re flattered of course, but also confused. First of all, you included a hand written letter which was only signed with your first name: Tanja. Second, you didn’t leave any contact details. What is this? Who are you? Why such a nice gift? Why the mystery?

Is it a secret admiration of B(as), A(kiem) and S(ami)? Or do you just only adore Bas? Should we get worried? If you’re not 18 yet: does your mother know you’re sending nice surprises to strange men? If you’re 18+: next time include bikini-pics!

Or could you put our imagination to a hold and tell us who you are?
lots of love,

> update: Tanja has been traced. We love you too!