05 september 2010 — offtrack

We love football. We love subcultures. Sometimes these two meet, for example when Pied La Biche organises three-sided football, invented by the Danish artist Asger Jorn. Not extreme enough? Try swamp soccer, once made up by Esa Romppainen. And again another fascinating variation is blind football.

Recently our love for football and subcultures perfectly came together at the Poldercup. Football on a Dutch meadow with ditches and channels crossing the pitch. Scenery: cows, clouds, windmills, church towers. The pitch remained a battlefield, the water an extra opponent challenge as leaping ditches wasn’t allowed.

Where the crossing of channels should have forced teams to come up with new tactics for playing football, everybody was just struggling with the muddy grass-plot. That became a welcome excuse for not being able to do our Aurelio-tricks. Quote we heard after another failed shot: “my right leg had a perfect shot, all went fine, should have been a goal. The problem was my left leg, that got simultaneously stuck in the mud”.

Doesn’t matter we got kicked out in the semi-final, doesn’t matter Bas got a light concussion, doesn’t matter there were as much cameras as players, it was a beautiful day. Thank you Maider López, we love the horizon as much as you do.