12 september 2011 — walhalla
Alles gegeben

Some months ago we offered our mailing list five free rings (worth 200 Euro each). Because we’d just hooked up with Typerings, anybody could win a free ‘alles geben’ ring. The only thing you had to do was telling us what ‘alles geben’ truly means to you. Simple.


We received plenty of emails. Some contributions were, well, predictable. Or lazy. Another couldn’t resist dragging Chuck Norris into the story. But some were surprising. Either affecting, straightforward or innovative. Short, long, all didn’t matter. Some people really went ‘alles geben’, and hit the mark.


Alles geben means having no more time, inspiration or coffee and still manage to pull it off.


Alles geben: Giving the biggest piece of the cake to the guy you like the least.


Congratulations lucky wearers of your new ring: Michiel Terpelle, Meindert Peirens, Wouter van der Land, Alexander Ertle & Pascale Companjen. Ihr habt alles gegeben, you all received your personal ring meanwhile. Michiel send us these black and white pics:



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