10 november 2011 — walhalla
Je t’aime beaucoup

Hello theeere! :)

I’ve just received my brand new 8 faces magazine, and im very pleasant to announce that i got the best possible combination for the “Je t’aime” in Liza.


I believe I need to send you guys my flyer, right?

Will it be delivery anywhere? Even in Brazil? :O

I couldn’t tell you guys how excited i’m. :D




Dear Juliana,

Thanks so much for the email.


I just had a short talk with Liza, and she told me that she would never ever write Je t’aime with a little gap in between the ‘i’ and the ‘m’. So I am sorry, but the flyer can not be from Liza.


You can also double-check yourself here:


I have to admit that you were very close.

kind regards,