21 january 2013 — walhalla
Sketch, sketch, sketch

For those who want to learn to design type:

  • You can study the type-basics on typeworkshop.com. You can read this pdf and try to gain knowledge.
  • You can learn from tons of online resources these days, lucky bastards.
  • You can read dozens of good books on type.
  • But the most precious treat is time for practicing. Quit the internet, shut down your computer, switch off your phone, put your books back to the shelf. Silence and concentration. Get paper and some tools (pencils, pens, whatever), and start sketching, drawing, writing. It’s the best way to learn and discover your own direction. Do it.




Above is our short and simple advice for aspiring students, which is included in The Briem Report 2012. This book, edited by Gunnlaugur SE Briem, is a snapshot of its time on calligraphy, type design, lettering and handwriting by bringing together 200+ people which are poles apart. We haven’t seen a compilation like this before. This book (as well as many other interesting books on handwriting, calligraphy and letterforms) are offered for free download at Operina.