24 june 2013 — out now
New font: Sauna Mono

Sauna Mono, one size for all


As from today the type family Sauna has a monospaced companion: Sauna Mono. Unlike most monospaced typefaces, Sauna Mono has a lot of flair. Although every character has the same width, Sauna Mono doesn’t feel forced into a box. Instead every character remains as warm and characteristic as the other Sauna typefaces. Some swashy characters give a lot of charm to this typeface, especially the italic lowercase characters. Their strokes fly all over.


Monospaced fonts are nowadays mostly used by programmers for coding, or to present complex information in a well-organized table. And mostly you need a timid, clear typeface for that. As a consequence most monospaced fonts are… well, timid and clear. Sauna Mono is everything except timid and clear. It’s expressive jazz on a dubstep beat. It’s Tarzan on a Swiss grid. Who said monospaced fonts are boring?



If you look for a reason to fall in love with Sauna Mono, we’ll give you a helping hand: just look at the long, swashy strokes of some lowercase letters. Those give a lot of charm to the family. Who wouldn’t like to fall in love with an f like this?



With this new addition of 4 monospaced styles, the Sauna family grows to a total amount of 15 styles. These additional fixed-width fonts make the Sauna family utilizable for more complex tasks. Typesetting tables of an annual report made within a knotty corporate identity for example.


Introduction offer

Sauna Mono is now available as a desktop font as well as a webfont in our shop. You can save €25,– by ordering all 4 styles at once. Even better: because Sauna finally has a new buddy, you can give one Sauna Mono for free to one of your friends if you buy the complete Sauna Mono package yourself. This introduction offer runs until 12 July.


Wanna know more? Find further information about the type family on our website: underware.nl/fonts/sauna_mono. Enjoy.