03 march 2015 — walhalla
50 kg of Underware

We don’t like superlatives that much, but it’s hard to avoid them while receiving this present. Underware cut into stone.

Underware in stone

This stone was cut by hand by Dennis Biemans of Studio Baak in the Netherlands. Besides of making furniture and interiors, stonecutting is one of Studio Baak’s favourite activities. Because Tripper became more or less their corporate font, they already applied the typeface throughout their studio. But what’s better than turning it into not so temporary? Something 3D not so temporary, of course.

Cut by hand

What goes beyond “Thank You!“? Well, we’re… euhm, speechless. 2015 is already now perfect like it is.

If you are in the mood as much as Baak is, you cut your own name into stone too of course. Boy, they were lucky with only straight lines in the typeface.

Baak in stone

In case you’re interested in receiving your own text cut into stone like this, just contact Studio Baak. They will be happy to help you further: