03 december 2015 — out now
Love is stronger than hate

You gotta love hate

Is there something you only love, without hating it a little? Can you hate something completely, without any love? Can love exist without hate?


Exactly 100 years after Edgar Rubin created his famous Rubin’s vase – the godfather of all figure-ground illusions – this poster is published as a typographic tribute to the Danish professor of psychology. If cannot read anything, you still have a nice heart to look at. Silkscreen printed in a super bright red color, this übersized poster requires some empty wall space. Seriously, this poster is pretty big.


This poster is an example of a (typographic) figure-ground illusion. These kind of optical illusions have a long history, we didn’t invent the concept. Read more about these kind of optical illusions in Everything is black and white.