27 may 2020 — fonts in use
Fakir loves beer

Some people love books, others love shoes, music, surfing, football, chilling, bird watching, scrabble, witchcraft or metal detecting. We love letters. Everybody is different, but in the end we all love beer. To celebrate that it’s beer which unites such a large part of the world, we collected some beer labels set in our typeface Fakir. Apparently black letters are a thing in the beer cosmos, maybe even more than in gangster rap. Beer must have black letter, or it ain’t real. In case you still have any doubts that it’s really black letter & beer which unite the world, here are a few examples of Fakir in use on beer labels from across the globe.

From the Netherlands: Belhamel


From Belgium: Trappistes Rochefort


From Croatia: Houblon


From Australia: Buro Beer


From the USA: Short dark


From Finland: Keisari


From the USA: Kitten Mittens


Beer loves Fakir, Fakir loves beer.

By the way: did you know that the search engine on our website contains many hidden links too? Now you do.