06 january 2011 — publications
Read naked essentials

Dear sir/madam,

Have a nice day!

I am Cindy, from Xuzhou healthland sauna equipment Co., Ltd here. Do you import sauna from China?


10 september 2010 — publications
We love shop windows 4

Book of war, mortification and love at Nijhof & van Lee, Amsterdam

Being the epicenter of graphic design in Amsterdam, Nijhof & Lee is a bookstore you have to see while visiting Amsterdam. Feel and smell the love for books.

09 september 2010 — publications
We love shop windows 3

Book of war, mortification and love at van Stockum, Den Haag

Bookstore van Stockum is one of those bookshops which is always very eager to nicely present their books, which means our books as well. You might remember them from the extreme sauna book testing. Being close to central station in Den Haag, their window has lots of visibility for passersby. Mr. Linssen is watching you.

05 may 2010 — publications
Oscillator revisited

From: Lernplakate | Christian Büning
Date: May 5, 2010 10:08:43 AM GMT+02:00
To: Underware Office
Subject: Re: Yes/no

Dear Underware Guys,

Thank you very much for this great poster and also for shipping it twice.

I modified it a bit to make the »Yes« more legible by adding a little pink area to the o/e (and created a counter). In my eyes, it works better now. My office partners are of the same opinion. Included is a photo… what do you think?

Kind Regards from Münster in Germany,

03 march 2010 — publications
Shark dog

Hi Underware,

Thanks for the poster.
here is an image of a shark dog for your collection.

Cheers, Guus

12 december 2009 — publications
Iiris and the banana cards

Lately Iiris has been receiving lots of banana cards from fans all over the world: from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Montreal, New York, Oslo, Sydney, Vienna and from countless smaller places. Here’s a fraction of those wonderful cards.

We received them at Underware’s Scandinavian office. We wrapped the first set for Iiris to Poste Restante Bambolim Beach, Goa, India. And guess what, we just heard Iiris picked the cards on the other day with a big smile. She sends warm hugs and love! And unnecessary to say: she’s happy to receive more of this stuff!

05 september 2009 — publications
Calle, centerfold of the year

From: Anna Chan
Date: September 5, 2009 3:52:10
Subject: dog in costume print


My friend in Amsterdam sent me a copy of the newsprint of the dogs in costume your company published. It was a pleasant surprise since my dog Calle in the lion costume was in the centerfold. Unfortunately she passed away on July the 10th.

Calle was quite the chameleon, she took on many characters, all with great pride and joy.
She was an advid Yankees baseball fan, she would go off barking when they hit a home run.
Above all, she was our true love, wearing different smiles every day.
Even on a rainy day, she made us laugh.

24 august 2009 — publications
Dolly & friends

From: Juan Carlos Cammaert
Date: August 24, 2009 5:49:02
Subject: Dolly & friends

Hi Underware people

Thought you would enjoy this. We used your Dolly newspaper to cover a couple of windows of our studio. People now walk by and stop and laugh, look inside and even take pictures.


08 october 2008 — publications
Woof, woof…

In October 2008 Underware offered free copies of the publication Dolly’s party for everyone on our mailing list. You could receive a free copy if you replied with “woof, woof…”.
But some could not stop. Here is the reply of “tarekshaerstudio | tarek”

24 october 2006 — publications
Dennis versus The Sauna Book

Hello! I’m Dennis, a young graphic designer who’s just got his first job. I still live at my parent’s house. When I have nothing to do, I pass my time rearranging my life, from student life to working life. In this case: rearranging my bookshelf. While I was doing this, my eye caught some smuthers on the cover of my beloved “Read naked” book. I think it was already this dirty when I bought it (at a fashion store, which explains), but it never bothered me this much. I decided to go clean the book in the bathroom. I rubbed it carefully with wet paper tissues. Also, I wetted some inside pages with hot water to read some hidden text, so the book got too humid to just put it back on the shelf. One of the suggested ways to dry the book was: “Microwave oven: 5-10 minutes, full power.” And actually, me being hasty, I didn’t read the rest of the line which warned: “Although the publisher succesfully tested this method, it is not recommended.”

So: 10 minutes, full power…


I didn’t want to confront my parents with a strange story about washing and microwaving books, so I spent half an hour blowing, switching on the cooker hood, opening all windows and doors, running around flapping my arms, driving the smell of baked book out of the kitchen before they returned home. My copy of “Read Naked” now has a brown stain on almost every page, starting from the middle. I can’t even keep it on the bookshelf anymore, because it still smells like shoes on a barbecue.


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