03 august 2002 — publications
Leo Pusa again world champion

Leo Pusa won the World Championships Sauna Bathing for the 3rd time in a row

This time his winning time was 12 minutes and 10 seconds. All at a temperature of… 110 degrees Celsius. Before his final battle he had already been in a sauna three times during the competition. “A Swiss guy, who nearly got into final, told he can practice only once a week, he doesn’t have an own sauna. And he was quite surprised when I told him I practice mostly once a day, sometimes twice. That keeps me in a good physical condition – it’s not a big deal to beat those old men who don’t practice at all.”

Leo Pusa is practicing at his summer cottage place, very close to the city center of Helsinki. At the same area also the current Finnish President Tarja Halonen is spending her spare time at her own small hut. “Let’s see if I will get the invitation to the annual Celebration of the Independence after this!”, Leo wonders. So why he always wins? “I don’t think about anything during the game, and especially not about the game itself”, he explains for us.

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The World Champion Sauna Bathing-games are annually held at the city of Heinola in Finland.
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