15 january 2010 — presentations
Finnish Design Awards 2010

Finnish Design Awards exhibition 2010 with Sami + Liza + you + Timo + Kirsi + Kia + Aino + Arni + Sauli + Münchener Premium.

14 Jan 2010 will have a small spot in history as Sami’s mythical moment. During the opening of the Finnish Design Awards exhibition in Helsinki, Sami received the award for Finnish Graphic Designer of the Year 2010. Which made him happy, see the smile on his face. The opening was attended by a nice crowd, the beer was quickly gone. After consuming the alcohol rumours went like ‘Sami is Miss Underware Scandinavia’, which probably should be taken with a pinch of salt.

This exhibition gives an overview of contemporary Finnish design in versatile fields. The exhibition started its journey in Helsinki (Jan-Feb 2010), and in April it continues globetrotting to Oslo (Norway) and further.

Meanwhile this movie will give you a flashback to Helsinki’s exhibition space. Être poursuivi!