06 march 2011 — presentations
New Underware

All we ever wanted was a search engine… What started with ‘Hey, shouldn’t we add a search engine to our website?’, ended with a complete revision of the website. After updating and improving our website for eight years, that was about time. Redesigned, restructured and build from scratch. New functionalities, bla die bla. Just see it yourself. Well, at least previewing type at 350 pts. ain’t a problem anymore with these wide images. And the search engine? Yes, that made it to the final version as well.

You’ll also find some recent overlooked projects on the updated website, like the hand lettered logotype for Jet Cooper and the intelligent handwriting typeface of Mr Porter. Petty fact: 10 years after our first blog post, we finally have a real blog! And with that new search engine you can suddenly search a decade of disguised niceties of our old Walhalla-section. Enjoy!