24 may 2011 — presentations
A magazine should be done like this

Today in our mailbox: Bracket, a magazine which stops where others continue. Printed questions with handwritten (-sketched, -drawn) answers. Bracket is an example that proves you don’t have to go all the (conventional) way to create an interesting mag. Easy does it.


Germain Chong also had a brush with Bas.
(published in Bracket Vol. 02: Hunger)


1) Tell us about yourself and what you do.
We design type.


2) Describe a typical day in the studio.
Sit on our ass in front of a screen and work our butts off.


3) When you were growing up, what did you want to be?
Comic artist.


4) What was the catalyst for starting Underware?
Due to a lack of education we had too much spare time during our studies and started to create our own projects, which eventually became our daily practice.


5) What is the biggest sacrifice you have ever made?
If you always try to make the best out of every situation, nothing feels as a sacrifice.


6) What is the biggest/most common misconception about what you do?
We had to explain civil servants too often already that we don’t sell lingerie.


7) What is the lowest point of your career?
Too many embarrassing mistakes to mention, we’re still sorry for all of them.


8) What is the best advise you have ever been given?
Never trust anyone who tells that ‘it should be done like this’, there are always multiple solutions for every problem.


9) and the worst?
It should be done like that.


10) Looking back now, what advice would you give to someone like yourself?
Alles geben. 
Never give up.


11) Being a designer is tough. What keeps you going?
Scoring with soccer. I remember all my beautiful goals, even those from 25 years ago.


12) What is your biggest fear?
An obscure animal comes out of the drain, and bites off my dick when I’m sitting on a toilet.


13) Who/What do you have a bone to pick with?
God, but he is hard to reach.


14) If you were not a designer, what would you have done?
Euhm… God? Finally humanity would have a humane, self-contemplated, communicative God.


15) What would your last meal be?
All drugs I never took, just to get the experience before I die.


Thank you for your time,