26 may 2011 — walhalla
We love Tanja

Today in our mailbox: letters from Tanja & Etapes magazine.

You might remember Tanja, the girl over whom we almost lost our heads last year because she send us cryptic messages accompanied by 3D typographic objects. As we now know, Tanja creates 3D objects (pillows, chairs, etc) based on letter shapes, and sells them under her label Tüpo. Being a true Bello and Sauna lover, she is a heavy Underware-user. Today we found some Bello-keyrings and Sauna-bookmarkers in our mailbox. Wow. Tanja: we love you more and more!


Also in our mailbox today: issue 192 of Etapes magazine. Parlez-vous Français? Trouver l’amour dans le numéro le plus récent. Bon appétit.