10 november 2011 — walhalla
Je t’aime un peu plus

The 3rd issue of 8Faces included a typographic lottery. Two-bloody-thousand different Je t’aime cards have been spread, only one is perfect. Win, win win. Since then the Twitters was on the go. But despite all twitpics, instagrams, flickrs, yfrogs and picless tweets, the winner hasn’t reported himself yet.


There seem to have been some distribution problems with the magazine, maybe the golden ticket is firmly lost at the office of a Brazilian postman? Caramba. Does that man actually know the golden ticket yields a bottle of champagne?


More luck next time: Smallest Photo, skip694, Phillips Jon, levifig, hubmedia, @cloudsteph, @elcriz, @sil_bubble, @tjcandesign, @tadywankenobi, @tomasstark, @sethshaw, @ashetler, @NicholasSwanson, @jennifre, @darylclaudio, @brunsvold, @sueapfe, @splorp, @maephis, akane kinomoto, @benjamindauer, @fernandezroca, @vandamar, GNV&PARTNERS, @Matthijssluiter, @VincentConnare, @sitobu, marc thiele, ryanjtaylor, arm79 & @BaldCondensed, @armina_79, @SabbaghMike, @baselab, @lqd, @dinobib, @delvew, @markoprljic, @eric_sena, @luxuryluke, @carywood, @UniqueDesignIT, @_scottbartlett, @samguino, @timbo, everybody who emailed us & all others who suffer in silence.