24 january 2012 — fonts in use
Fonts in the parallel world

Nice way to waste our time: spotting our fonts in the parallel world of Google’s Streetview. Where fonts live somewhere between eternal and ephemeral. Already gone in the real world, still alive in this period piece. Or sometimes the other way around.


If you spot more examples of our fonts in use in Streetview: let us know (reward!).

Auto in use, Den Haag, the Netherlands:

Sauna in use, London, United Kingdom:

Auto in use, Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

Bello in use, countryside of Catalonia, Spain:

Auto in use, Helsinki, Finland:

Sauna in use, Berlin, Germany:

Auto in use, Rotterdam, the Netherlands:

Sauna in use, Los Angeles, USA:

Auto in use, Den Haag, the Netherlands:

The hunting season has opened. Have you spotted more examples?