05 may 2021 — custom type
Kone custom fonts

During the past decade we’ve teamed up with KONE Corporation, one of the world’s largest companies in the elevator and escalator industry, for whom we have developed a whole range of typographic tools. The initial set of custom fonts was meant to unify their products, but meanwhile the custom fonts kept expanding and turned into a universal and valuable branding tool. Read the case study

04 june 2014 — custom type
Stockmann Sans

Three weights, geometric sans, elegant italics, Latin & Cyrillics, from shop windows to price tags to coffee cups, from Helsinki to Moscow. Please meet Stockmann Sans, a custom font family by Underware for Scandinavia’s largest department store:






23 october 2012 — custom type
Elevator typography

Because different elevator models are usually made by many different parties and departments, they quickly loose harmony. Recently we created some custom typefaces for Kone, who wanted to match their different models of elevators and escalators.


This was a fascinating project for us. Not only is there a bunch of typographic laws (those lawyers!) on elevator typography, each part of this project also had very specific requirements and applications. Creating segments which can display every number as well every capital, is a challenging assignment for example. A puzzle with so many limitations your head starts spinning.


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