23 november 2010 — fonts in use
Somebody did it

A couple of months after our post which mentioned you could sleep with both Bello and Sauna, we spotted this typographic bastard in Helsinki. Something in between Bello and Sauna. Maybe someone took that post too literally?

22 september 2010 — fonts in use
Sleep with Bello. Or Sauna. Or both.

Since we found out who Tanja is, we also found that Tanja really likes Bello and Sauna. The good news: handcrafted typographic products are available to everybody. Custom made if you want.
If you also like Bello and Sauna that much, and wanna take one of them to bed (or both!) or have them in your pocket 24/7, then you can order typographic pillows, shoulder bags, seating furniture, pot holders and keychains at www.tuepo.de.
21 september 2010 — fonts in use
Dear Tanja

Dear Tanja,

thanks a lot for the nice package which came by mail recently. What a nice surprise! We didn’t expect anything, and definitely not something like this at all. Three big letter-pillows: B, A and S. Very nicely made with Bello Caps. Wow. We’re flattered of course, but also confused. First of all, you included a hand written letter which was only signed with your first name: Tanja. Second, you didn’t leave any contact details. What is this? Who are you? Why such a nice gift? Why the mystery?

Is it a secret admiration of B(as), A(kiem) and S(ami)? Or do you just only adore Bas? Should we get worried? If you’re not 18 yet: does your mother know you’re sending nice surprises to strange men? If you’re 18+: next time include bikini-pics!

Or could you put our imagination to a hold and tell us who you are?
lots of love,

> update: Tanja has been traced. We love you too!

06 november 2009 — fonts in use
Bello bar

From: Urs Lehni
Date: November 6, 2009 15:21:10
Subject: Bello in use

Hey Underware, We were in Seoul two weeks ago, where I found this funny example of Bello in use – easy does it! Have a nice weekend, Urs

26 october 2009 — fonts in use
Collecting stamps? No, fonts!

From: Arno Kathollnig
Date: October 26, 2009 08:21:10
Subject: Liza in use

Dear Underware Team,
Chapeau! Your Liza is indeed vraiment adorable. The link here below leads you to Your Liza in use (hopefully not abused):

I’m not a professional in the field of visual communication. Type and Typography are passion, hobby and temps libre. I collect »font licenses« of typefaces I like, as others collect stamps or ronds de bière. The only chance to use those typefaces, are my wallpapers.

Liebe Grüße aus Österreich,
Arno Kathollnig

21 april 2009 — fonts in use
Fakir from Chile

From: Cristian Losada
Date: April 21, 2009 9:54:11 PM GMT+03:00
Subject: Fwd: Fakir motion graphics, from chile !!.

Hi, mi name is Tonot, i’m a graphic design student (8th semester) and graffiti artist based on Santiago, Chile, Southamerica. We’ve been following all what you do, and is great influence. Last year we did a Motion Graphic class, one of our assigments was to work with a typo and the typestudio. I choose Fakir, this is what i did.

Hope you like de video and check my website: http://www.okfscrew.com
Go fast, Tonot

02 september 2007 — fonts in use
Il Bello del Jazz

Recently 2 jazz-events used Bello for their communication. Perfect moment to show the zz-ligature in its full glory, one could say. One did it, the other missed their change. But it can’t be an accident that in the same week somebody send us an image of ‘Il Bello del Jazz’. Snap!

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