03 april 2006 — presentations
A ilusão dos Underware

A ilusão dos Underware – exhibition at ESAD, Porto. (05.2006–03.2007)

In the city centre of Den Haag (Holland) a cultural epicentre is located at De Illusie, a house which is squatted for more than fifteen years. The building generates concerts, exhibitions, performances, lectures, parties and all kind of cultural events. Next to that, more than 25 people live in the house, and many artists have their atelier on the ground floor. As the building is not an official institution, it’s easy and quick for many people to organise (and visit) events. From a Byzantine choir to the naked drummer, anything can happen. The occupants vary from photographers, musicians, owner of a record label, artists or flamenco dancers to metal engineers and anybody in between.

This exhibition belongs to a book which notifies the last 15 years of De Illusie. Next to a random partial selection of pictures covering this period, individual typographic interpretations of every occupant of the house have been made by Underware. And yes, we also have our studio in this building.

The exhibition ‘A ilusão dos Underware’ is organized by Sérgio Correia.