19 march 2019 — presentations
The end of peninsularity workshop Barcelona


The end of peninsularity – typeworkshop in Barcelona

The first week of July brings the opportunity to expand your skills and brains with a type design workshop in Barcelona. Type designers are masters of the black and white 2D universe. But what is that 2-dimensional Cartesian world actually? Can 2D be approached in another way? And if you do that, what are the consequences for your (type) design process? This subject is gonna be explored coming July in Barcelona (Spain) during a 5-day in-depth type workshop, where the fundament of designing letters will be questioned and investigated. This workshop is suitable for aspiring type designers who already have a little bit of experience, already made a font themselves in the past, and who are ready to open their mind and expand their skills within an enthusiastic group of people. They will leave the workshop not only with more knowledge, but also with an expanded view on their own type design process.

Only recently it has become clear that from now on type designers aren’t any longer just designing outlines of fonts, but are mostly designing relations between outlines of fonts. Therefore interpolation will become increasingly relevant in the future of type design, and will logically be an essential aspect within this workshop. During this workshop we’re not only going to explore the design of letters (hands-on), but also explore the space in which those letters relate to each other (brains-on). Designing the design, as well as designing the design space these designs live in. And that – well… if everything works out – leads to another, innovative way of looking at your design.


Improve your type design skills in Barcelona this summer

Organisation: Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
Date: 1-5 July 2019
Instructors: Joancarles Casasín (TypeTogether) & Bas Jacobs (Underware)


Limited amount of seats available. Registration is now open: type.elisava.net